Burger Basics (no grill required!)


“I’m always surprised by how many times we hear a customer say, “ Unfortunately I can’t make a burger because I don’t have a BBQ.”  What?!  

If there is access to a charcoal or hardwood grill, fair enough.  That will get you a mean burger whose flavour will linger in memory and taste like summer. But generally speaking my favourite way to cook a burger is in a cast iron or carbon steel pan. True story. The flat, even surface is such a great way to achieve a glorious crust which is a major part of burger flavour. Think about all the great burgers you’ve had in restaurants or food trucks made on flat tops. They all use the flat surface to get as much browned crust as possible. It may sound like I’m tooting my own horn, but the BEEF is really important for the flavour and nutrition. As is having a butcher you trust, especially if you want your burger medium or just cooked through.

The basics for a great burger not cooked on a grill:

A burger patty from Farm + Field or ground beef from Farm + Field formed into a patty and seasoned with salt. The best beef makes the best burger.

One carbon steel or cast iron pan.


Optional (any options need to be super ready when that burger is):

A brioche or ciabatta bun from Fol Epi bakery.

Aged cheddar, mustard, hot sauce, pickles, tomato, lettuce, mayo, BBQ sauce, crisp bacon, onions, avocado, kimchi...

Place your pan over high heat for two minutes.  Turn on your hood vent. Place the burger in the pan and time them for two minutes per side, don’t move them but gently press down once or twice. The burgers we form at the shop are about 3/4”, if your patties are thicker add 30 seconds-1 min longer per side. This will be medium-well cook.  Have your plate ready so you can pull that patty and let it rest ON the bun for a min or two before digging in.


The burger that follows is my current favourite build. Caramelized onions smeared on a toasted bun, medium rare burger, melted aged cheddar, crisp bacon and drenched in our slightly tangy-just spicy enough house ssam sauce. Juicy, smokey, cheesy, sweet, spicy....the best.